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  • Bailey opens European Caravan Service Centre


As European caravan ownership in Australia continues to rise, so too has the need for a dedicated service centre that specialises in their unique requirements.

Bailey Australia Managing Director, Adrian van Geelen, has been developing the concept since Bailey Australia relocated to it’s new headquarters in Campbellfield (Melbourne) six months ago: “One of the reasons we chose this premise is that it had a large enough workshop area to carry out this kind of operation”.

The Service Centre will not only focus on Bailey Caravans, but other European brands too. What sets it apart from standard service centres is it’s team of dedicated service technicians who know, and more importantly, understand European vans and their unique construction.

“To the best of our knowledge, there has never before been a dedicated European Caravan Service Centre with specialised hoists and equipment to facilitate the unique needs of European caravans” .

You’ll be glad to hear that the new Bailey service centre is NOW OPEN for business. Ensure your caravan in road ready before Christmas by securing a booking now –  spaces are filling up fast!

Remember, your Bailey caravan must have an annual 12 month service in order to maintain the vans warranty!

To arrange a pre-Christmas service, phone our Service Centre Manager, Eddy Vanderstadt on (03) 9308 731

BaileyCaravans_Gippslander48 service centre