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  • Bailey caravans, now built in Australia

Bailey Australia is the first European manufacturer to undertake local caravan production in Australia, bringing the latest construction techniques, processes and cutting-edge design and technology to our travellers.

The process begins with an understanding of Australian caravanning needs, including feedback from current Bailey caravan owners, as well as understanding the preference of the Australian caravanning public for specific interior layouts. Space, usability, comfort and liveability are key considerations in every step of the process.

Enter the all-new, Australian built Rangefinder series of caravans.

Rangefinders are built from the inside out, with local CNC-cut furniture securely fixed in place before being bonded and fastened to the caravan walls and ceiling panels to create an immensely strong overall body structure. Australian designed and sourced chassis, furniture, windows and doors, kitchen, bathroom and laundry appliances are all chosen for their suitability for our conditions and their local service and support.

The components of Bailey’s patented Alu-Tech bodyshell construction system are manufactured at Bailey of Bristol and then shipped to Australia for building onto our locally-designed and manufactured DuraGal steel chassis. Rangefinder caravans incorporate the core Bailey values of award winning design, first class build quality and unbeatable value for money. Plus, to ensure they remain some of the best-engineered and most technically advanced caravans available, we subject them to a programme of extreme and continuous testing, including accelerated life testing at the Australian Automotive Research Centre, as well as through Australia’s toughest outback terrain on the recent West2East Challenge.

To help make an informed decision about which model will best meet your needs, we recommend you visit your local retailer who will be happy to demonstrate why Bailey is Australia’s favourite lightweight caravan brand.

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