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  • Caravan World 2013 Unicorn Series 2 Review


Viewed among conventional caravans, Bailey’s restyled 2013 Unicorn Series 2 range, with its soaring panoramic front windows, plush interior fitout and long list of luxury and convenience features, makes a serious statement.

Whether you can live with the attention its polarising styling brings is one thing but, if you can, you will pass through the curtain into a very different caravan world.

Bailey might be Britain’s largest caravan maker but, being well aware of the changing demographics of today’s caravanners, it has its ear firmly to the ground in Australia.

In the 18 months or so that Bailey Australia has been selling the Bristol-built caravans here, it has passed on the feedback of more than 250 owners, as well as writers like myself, on ways to make them more suitable for Australian conditions.

Refreshingly, many of these constructive criticisms have been translated into improvements in the latest Series 2 Unicorn models that have just gone on sale.

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