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  • Hot summer days


February 2nd, 2012
41 degrees Celsius, 45km/hr northerly winds

Unicorn Barcelona Thermal Properties prove an essential ‘must have for the Australian climate’.

In hot blustery conditions the Unicorn Barcelona’s outstanding thermal properties provided a cool sanctuary from extreme heat. Well known for providing relief from the cold and keeping its occupants warm from the snowy conditions of European winters, the Unicorn Barcelona’s Grade 3 insulation and superior construction techniques provided the perfect climate to get away from the extreme Australian summer heat. Whilst the Australian bush withered away in the 41+ degree heat the Barcelona maintained a constant 21 degrees inside the saloon with the aid of the Dometic B2600 air-conditioner barely ticking over in order to maintain this constant temperature.

The Australian spec of the Unicorn Barcelona features the Dometic B2600 included in the std specification.

For more details refer to the Australian Unicorn brochure or contact your nearest Bailey Australia dealer on 1300 4 Bailey.