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The latest body construction techniques and a quality fit-out sets this RV up for anything

It really pays to look for maximum efficiency when towing. This allows us to stretch our precious dollars further, see further down that next road or over that next hill, and in turn, get the most out of everything our beautiful country has to offer.

Bailey Caravans, one of the biggest manufacturers in the United Kingdom, builds thousands of units every year; one in every three caravans on the road in the UK is a Bailey! It has recently expanded into Australia under the name Bailey Australia, and offers some great weight savings that really help when it comes to maximising your fuel economy.

The Pegasus Rimini, which we’re taking a look at here, is one of the mid-size models of the range, yet can still be towed by a sedan thanks to the Alu-tech composite material they use for the construction. This material is extremely light yet extremely strong, making for an ideal base to build the rest of the Pegasus Rimini on.

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